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Anon commenting on, IP logging turned off.
Requests and filled requests can be made anonymous or not (the decision is your's).



  • Post requests as new comments to the current active entry. Fic responses should be posted as replies to their parent request.

  • Please title your subjects/headers REQUEST, when making a request.

  • One pairing/prompt per post please.

  • Be respectful.

  • Stay on topic. Please limit yourself to prompts and responses, but DO comment on filled responses, especially if you liked it!

  • We strongly encourage EVERYONE to play here.

  • We are slash, femmeslash, het, and multiple partner friendly.

  • When filling a prompt, please title your subject with FILLED.

  • There is no minimum or maximum word count on fic responses - go as crazy as you wish! Multiple responses to one prompt are very welcome!

  • No ship/pairing bashing allowed. Again, go back to your personal journals and feel free to bitch all day long, but keep it out of here.

  • If you have a question for a mod, please post a comment in the rules post or send a pm.

  • If you see a request that you think you can write, then have at it! Don't just request.

  • The mods are here to keep things running smoothly. If your post isn't following the rules, it is subject to deletion, no warning needed.

  • Please use the following format to post requests:

  • Tags: !crossover
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